Seafood IQ

Redefining Seafood Traceability

Meet Seafood IQ

Built by seafood veterans and PhD level experts, Seafood IQ will change how we interact with our food. Our intelligent platform will now enable seafood to communicate with us directly and give its production and logistic lifecycle at any time. With unique identification, our patented IoT technology will monitor any variances in temperature, time and location.


Track and trace every box with unique identification in your supply chain.


Determine freshness quality and shelf life with advanced real-time analytics.

Food safety

Significantly reduce the risk of viral and bacterial contamination with fresher products and prolonged shelf life

The biggest problem of the seafood industry

Nearly half of U.S. seafood supply goes to waste every year – or 47% to be precise. That means over 8 billion dollars lost in the U.S. alone. One of the biggest reason for all this food waste is that seafood travels through increasingly complex networks of people and companies and some of those do not have efficient cold storage and cold chain management. Seafood products need intensive supply chain management based on high hygiene levels and specific temperature conditions to remain FRESH which is a challenge in this industry.

Reducing losses with a smart decision

With new cutting-edge technology, we enable seafood to communicate with us directly and give us it‘s production and logistic lifecycle at any time. Our intelligent platform and patented RF technology will monitor any variances in temperature in any seafood box as it travels around the globe – from source to consumers hands. By gathering and analysing precise real-time data, we are redefining how the cold chain is monitored, allowing our customers to make changes on the spot when problems are encountered.

Our Vision

As innovators, we believe in a better tomorrow - one that's built on excellence, reliability, and effectiveness. These values are core to our service and commitment to bring supply-chain participants full transparency, offering a 100% overview that allows freshness quality and shelf-life to be determined immediately, and each box delivered to be handled appropriately. Our goal is to empower producers and logistics companies to harvest responsibly within the global seafood supply chain. We want to give our customers the opportunity to shape a positive change towards food waste, sustainability, and food safety.

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