Seafood IQ is an Icelandic, award-winning Seafood-tech venture that was founded in 2015. We are seafood veterans and P.h.D level technologists that believe, by turning the complex into simple with smart technologies we can create the tools needed to increase trust, comfort, and profit within the seafood value chain.


Our team is developing the worlds’ only data platform that combines IoT/RFID, Blockchain, and artificial intelligence to create a new level of trust based on unified digital identities, real-time temperature monitoring and cryptographed background information of every box of fish that is manufactured, transported and then sold into the marketplace. 


On a single platform, we provide a powerful toolbox that will help the industry to verify traceability and quality of their seafood to meet the ever-increasing demands for fresher, safer and responsibly sourced seafood. 

It’s a great opportunity as it will enable stakeholders to reduce loss, increase efficiency and make better decisions based on real-time information that they can even manage from their own mobile device.


Stefán P. Jones

CEO & Founder

Dennis Landi

Co-founder and CTO

Palmi Palmason

CSO & Co-founder

lmran Khan

Financial Director

Dr. Margit Harting

CEO of PST Sensors

Dr. David T. Britton

CTO of PST Sensors

Dr. Stephen Jones

PST Sensors Technologist

Dr. Emmanuel Jonah

PST Sensors Technologist

Dushyant Bangal

Full-stack IoT Engineer

Vignesh Iyer

Blockchain Engineer

Priyanka Pareek

Blockchain developer

Dinesh Ghadge

Software testing and Quality assurance


Thor Sigfusson

Founder and Chairman at Iceland Ocean Cluster

Berta Danielsdottir

CEO at Iceland Ocean Cluster

James Macon

Managing Partner at Closed Loop Capital

Jim Heising

Veteran software engineer, leader, and entrepreneur

Björgólfur Hávardsson

Innovation Manager in the Seafood Innovation Cluster

Hlynur Þór Björnsson

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain specialist

Magnús E. Björnsson

CEO at Men & Mice

Ina Bjorg Ossurardottir

Operation & Quality Manager at Ný-Fiskur

Kristinn Andersen

Former Senior R&D Manager at Marel

Jon Adalsteinsson

Co-founder and chairman of Ice-co group

Mikael Tal Grétarsson

Director Exports at Icelandair Cargo

Heiðar Karlsson

Head of Business Development at ADVANIA


We have received multiple innovation awards and recognition from the Icelandic seafood community