January 11, 2017

Skynjar Technologies rebrands to Seafood IQ

Posted by Seafood IQ

Our company name “Skynjar” means “To Sense” and is in itself a great name as it handles with the core reason for the founding of our company.

One of our issues is that often people do not know how to pronounce the name properly and it highlights only a part of our ideas.

In our process as a startup, we have seen many other future opportunities and as a result, will be branding our company as Seafood IQ.

We have been promoting our project under the web domain www.seafoodiq.com and will be promoting ourselves as Seafood IQ in the future.

The name Seafood IQ is a better demonstration of where we want to head in the future and we see ourselves and our DNA as a tech company that seeks to increase the value of seafood through better tools and information flow in a digital environment.